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Saga edit continues – grappling

Day 44 (April 10)

Saga editing: I’m still grappling with the unruly beginnings of Part One. The big structural change is much harder to deal with than I expected. My recent efforts don’t gel. The ideas and the content are the same as they were previously, but the relocation continues to be awkward. Re-reading shows more anomalies and gaps. So some more new writing is needed and consistency in the ordering of events is a challenge. Solution may lie in replacing one long chapter with three or four shorter ones. And contrary to all the good advice of the writing books and course presenters I’m thinking that a little dose of telling instead of showing might help. Some progress but still grappling after lunch break. Will take a turn at short story ideas  for a while.

Short story ideas:  I’ve pulled out two settings to work on, a main character and a trigger incident for each, around which to fabricate a fiction. Possibilities feel endless but I’ve found no firm direction. Next challenge is designated length – 1,500 words and 600 words feel too short for both so the trick is to narrow down the possibilities. Or maybe these ideas that I’ve become attached to belong somewhere else. I’ll have a go at both and see what happens.

And now there is a third competition in the offing – 3,000 words. Should I divert attention from editing for any of all of these entries? Results of two others are still to come. I’m appreciative about having made two recent longlists, and a highly commended last year, but it would be encouraging to get onto a shortlist.

Outcomes:  Not satisfied with where I got to, but know the disarray for both editing and new stories is clearer at the end of the day than it was at the beginning.

It is good to be back at the library after four days away. There is always a loss of momentum after an interruption to routine, but it will be better tomorrow.  And I want to raid my bookshelf at home tonight. Something niggles that there is help from a volume I haven’t visited for a long time. Can’t remember the author name or title of the book, but I’ll recognise it.


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