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Day 109 (August 29)

Editing: A good day I think, not so much an edit as a complete rewrite of half a chapter. Won’t make a judgement on the outcome for a day or two until I re-read it fresh again.

I was working on an interaction between three Australians and a Scot. Whilst they had no difficulties with understanding each other’s accents it reminded me of watching Billy Connolly’s program again last night when he ended up in the wild west of Canada. Wonderful characters he met along the way. Some people have difficulty with Billy’s accent and sayings at times. So here are some examples of speech you could meet any day in or near Glasgow.

Unusual words: Here is a sentence and then a saying.

Aiblins the lad’s ahint thon tattie-bogle. (Perhaps the boy is behind that scarecrow.)

Sic as ye gie, sic wull ye get. (You’ll get out of life as much as you put in.)

When I look back to my early years in Scotland it seems amazing that I ever sorted it out because it wasn’t only the words but the different accents as well. And the Scots speak on the fast side, but are no match for the Ulster Scots in Northern Ireland. They left me breathless to keep up but by that time at least I’d mastered the words and accents which are very similar to the Scots.

Looking at my bookshelf to find an envelope today it struck me how seldom I use my hard-copy reference resources now. It’s all internet; so quick and versatile and accessible.

Little used now

Writing: Apart from the rewriting that arose from editing, I did finish the cricketing poem – very primitive and freeform effort, and not prize-winning material, but I’m pleased I persevered.

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